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Rohacell IG-F

Rohacell IG-F Performance Foams

ROHACELL IG-F structural foam is a closed-cell rigid foam based on polymethacrylimide (PMI) chemistry and contains no CFC’s.

Rohacell IG-F

ROHACELL IG-F is the industrial grade product in our range of rigid foams and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

It’s the structural foam of choice for automotive, watercraft and other industrial applications. In the medical technology market, ROHACELL IG-F is a common core material for x-ray and CT table tops.

Featuring a fine cell structure, the foam takes up minimal resin at the surface where the cells have been cut open during core shaping. Less resin take-up during part processing means lower final part weight and reduced overall cost.

ROHACELL IG-F is suitable for prepreg processing, but is also ideal for use in resin infusion and RTM processes up to temperatures of 130°C and pressures of 0.3 MPa.

ROHACELL IG-F Performance Foam Sales Range

ROHACELL Size [mm] Standard sheet thickness [mm]
31 IG-F 2500 x 1250 5 – 105
51 IG-F 2500 x 1250 5 – 138
71 IG-F 2500 x 1250 5 – 115
110 IG-F 2160 x 1100 5 – 95


Thickness tolerance +/- 0.5 mm, other tolerances available on request.

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