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Nomex Honeycomb

Nomex Honeycomb Core

Nomex Honeycomb is a non-metallic, very light and strong product

Nomex Honeycomb is an aramid polymer with molecular structure particularly stable. The paper Nomex Honeycomb is obtained from different forms of aramid polymer. Non metallic honeycombs are manufactured from high temperature resistant aramid paper formed into a honeycomb structure and coated with a phenolic resin.

The combination of aramid paper and phenolic resin gives commercial and aero grade of honeycomb in nomex with superior strength, toughness and chemical resistance. The honeycomb cell shapes is normally hexagonal for optimum mechanical properties. It can also be over-expanded to produce a rectangular cell shape and provide improved drapeability for the production of curved parts.

Nomex Honeycomb Key Features

– Outsatanding resistance to corrosive attack by chemicals
– High mechanical strength at low densities
– Fire retardant and self extinguishing
– Excellent resistance to impact damage and moisture
– Low smoke and toxic gas emission
– Highly resistant to fungal growth
– Good dielectric properties, transparent radio and radar waves
– Low thermal conductivity

Nomex Honeycomb Applications

Nomex Honeycomb is used in aerospace market (helicopters blades. Interior panels, flooring, flaps, engine nacelles) and into industrial markets (marine and all transportation, interior panels, flooring, racing boats shell, radar reflectors, precisional optical sysytem, automotive part).

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