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Industrial Custom Gas Struts

Industrial Custom Gas Struts

We produce industrial custom gas struts.

These can be used for multiple applications, with industrial gas struts suitable for caravans, camper vans, hard tops, kitchen cabinets and much, much more.

Many vehicles need gas struts for various reasons, from tractors and horseboxes to caravans and cars, for tailgates, side doors and more. Beds and all types of furniture require gas struts for easy opening of flaps and lids, as well as accessing under bed storage.

Whether you’re repairing agricultural or plant machinery or are putting in some fresh kitchen cabinets which need that extra strut, there are a range of great purposes our struts can be used for.

Industrial Custom Gas Struts Manufacturer

We are manufacturer of industrial custom gas struts

Our team can help you with your gas struts and components project

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