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Carbon Fibre Cloth

Carbon Fibre Cloth Saertex U-C-314

314 gsm 0º Unidirectional 50K Saertex Carbon Fibre Cloth, 1230 mm wide

Saertex unidirectional 314 gsm carbon fabric for high performance applications where high mechanical resistance and low weight are required. Manufactured with a layer of 300 sqm unidirectional fabric Zoltek Panex 35-13 of 50K, oriented at 0º and sewn with a 68 gsm E-glass fabric of 68 Tex in the 90º direction.

Ideal for combining with epoxy, urethane-acrylic or vinyl ester resins by hand contact, infusion or RTM.

Yarn type: 50K (50,000 filaments per strand of yarn).

Roll width: 123 cm.

Saertex U-C-314 Carbon Fibre Cloth

SAP No 30003791
Article Description U-C-314g/m²-1230mm
Textile Structure 7003892

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