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One-Stop Solution

which include mold component design, mold design, mold fabrication, component manufacturing importing and exporting services

Competitive Price

Increase sales, optimise margins and expand your market share

Excellent Service

Our objective is to provide an excellent customer service to our partners

Nadron Manufacturing Importing and Exporting

We propose optimal solutions for customers, including research and introduction of new products and raw materials

Silicone Rubber Base

Xiameter RBB-2100 Series Fumed Silica Silicone Rubber
Translucent, general purpose, uncatalyzed silicone rubber base

Silicone Rubber Base

Manufacturer and supplier of different industry worldwide

We don’t only sell finished product; using manufacturers including our affiliates we work as a manufacturing contractor

Die Casting Products

Plastic Injection Molding

Nadron has been supporting plastic injection molding clients in the industry

Die Casting Products

Zamak (zinc alloy) die casting products. We produce zinc die cast components ( zinc die casting parts )

Silicone Rubber

We are supplier for silicone rubber

Silicone Additives

We are supplier for silicone additives

We supply custom medals for all competitions and sports

We produce original medals based on your design, motif or with your emblem. Medals can be produced on the basis of the data processed by you


Nomex Honeycomb

Nomex Honeycomb is a non-metallic product, very light and resistant.

Nomex honeycomb is used extensively in aerospace applications like cabinets, lockers and bulkheads as well as in high-performance motorsports including Formula 1 and WRC

Nomex Honeycomb

We have work to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers

We provide reliable information and high-quality products, and support our clients.

Today, the Nadron counts manufacturers and processing companies among its affiliates. We are reinforcing our organization so as to be able to respond to every one of our clients’ concerns, no matter how small, starting by providing products with features that bring benefits to the world at large.

Zinc Components

Creative Solutions

Manufacturing Importing and Exporting

We offer solutions with matching accuracy with our coordinating power

Machinery & Equipment, Metal & Plastic Products, Silicone Rubber and Additives….

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